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TA-65® for Skin FAQ

What is TA-65® for Skin?

Based on advances in the emerging field of telomere biology, TA-65® for Skin provides benefits at the cellular level. TA-65® for Skin is an emollient cream designed to improve your complexion with the cumulative effects of cellular nourishment, color balance, and free radical detoxification through the proprietary TA-65® compound.

What are the benefits of TA-65® for Skin?

  • Skin improvement at the cellular level
  • Effectively diminishes facial wrinkles and folds
  • Helps even out discolored and blotchy skin tones
  • Provides anti-oxidant protection
  • Increases skin firmness and tone

How is TA-65® for Skin packaged?

TA-65® for Skin is available in a 1 Fl. Oz bottle (30 day supply) featuring a patented airless delivery system which dispenses optimal dosage and preserves product. This product is available with or without fragrance.

TA-65® for Skin is also available in a 4 Fl. Oz tube (120 day supply). This economical larger size contains no fragrance.

Are the benefits of TA-65® for Skin supported by clinical research studies?

Yes. In randomized placebo-controlled studies TA-65® for Skin has been clinically shown to:

  • Reduce pre-clinical damage after 8 weeks
  • Reduce uneven pigmentation after 16 weeks
  • Increase collagen levels after 16 weeks
  • Reduce the inflammation associated with premature aging of the skin after 16 weeks
  • Reduce the degradation of elastin fibers
  • Significantly improve skin firmness by 42% after 2 weeks, and 89% after 12 weeks
  • Significantly reduce Crow’s feet fine lines/wrinkles by 18% after 12 weeks
  • Reduce redness by 9% after 12 weeks

Is TA-65® for Skin available in stores?

TA-65® for Skin is available from any of T.A. Sciences® physician licensees, or on the T.A. Sciences® website

How should I use TA-65® for Skin? Can it be used with other facial products?

TA-65® for Skin can be used as a part of your daily regimen applying between cleansing and moisturizing. For best results, TA-65® for Skin should be gently massaged into clean, dry skin.

Where should I use TA-65® for Skin?

TA-65® for Skin is most commonly used on the face and hands, but it can be applied to any part of the body where you wish to see more even skin tone or wrinkle reduction.

Is this used in place of TA-65®, can I use both? Or just one or the other?

TA-65® for Skin has been specially designed for use on the skin. To get the overall skin improvement benefits offered by TA-65®, we recommend taking the TA-65® Nutritional supplement and daily application of TA-65® for Skin on desired areas of improvement.

Is TA-65® for Skin gluten free?

Yes. TA-65® for Skin does not contain any ingredients that contain gluten.

Is this product for all skin types?

Yes. TA-65® for Skin works for all skin types.

How much TA-65® for Skin should I use?

On average, individuals use 2 pumps of the 1oz bottle and a pea sized amount of the 4oz tube to cover their entire face.