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T.A. Sciences® Introduces New Low-Priced TA-65MD® for 1st Time Customers to Try


NEW YORK, N.Y., November 19, 2014 - T.A. Sciences® announces the introduction of the latest addition to their TA-65® line of nutritional supplements, TA-65MD® (100 unit, 30 Capsules). TA-65® is a patented, all natural plant-based compound that has been proven to maintain or rebuild telomeres by activating an enzyme called telomerase.

"Growing awareness of Telomere Biology, and the benefits of TA-65MD nutritional supplements has resulted in a significant increase in customer inquiries about the product. TA-65MD® (100 unit) is a lower dose formula and contains a 30-day supply designed to introduce customers to the benefits of impacting their health on a cellular level" said Noel Thomas Patton, Chairman and founder of T.A. Sciences. "The 30 capsule bottle and introductory pricing makes it easier for first time customers to try the product."

This product replaces the TA-65MD® (250 unit, 30 Capsules) version and provides a more economical price point at $100. The TA-65MD® (250 unit, 30 Capsules) was originally intended to introduce first time customers to the product at a cost of $219. The new TA-65MD (100 Unit) provides further incentive to try the nutritional supplement because of the lower price.

About Telomere Biology

Telomeres are the caps at the end of each strand of DNA that protect it, like the plastic tips at the end of shoelaces. Telomeres shorten each time a cell divides, which, over time, leave the genetic DNA unprotected and causes cellular function to be compromised. An enzyme made only inside the cells called telomerase can slow, stop or even reverse age- and lifestyle-related telomere shortening.

About T.A. Sciences®

T.A. Sciences® is the first healthcare company dedicated exclusively to creating research-based, clinically tested wellness products that help address telomere shortening through the science of Telomerase Activation. Built upon a foundation strongly grounded in scientific evidence, T.A. Sciences® is widely recognized as the leader in the field of telomere biology.

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